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Hey everyone –

Well, maybe “new” isn’t quite the right word. I painted this a year ago, and have been holding it back while I worked on additional paintings. That said, it’s been long overdue to get this painting out there.

The Big Heads portrait series focuses on capturing a moment in time for any particular subject. As I work with the model, I want them to feel as if they are in mid-conversation with me, but have become momentarily distracted by something *just* out of the corner of their eye. The more their focus shifts to some random spot on the wall, the more their imagination then takes over. A relaxed concentration takes over, and their face conveys an appearance of daydream wonder. It is this moment I try to capture on canvas.

The settings are sparse, with the face conveying the bulk of the story. In the end, I hope the viewer brings their own interpretation to each painting, creating a new and unique story each time the work is viewed.

Natalya was a model I had worked with at the School of Visual Arts while taking John Parks’ Portraiture class. She was a definite character: bohemian in appearance, and both goofy and witty in personality. Yet, when it came time to model, she had her pose with dignity and grace. A joy to work with.

Click on the photo above to check out the latest piece, located in the BIG HEADS Paintings Gallery.

As always, I would be grateful for any feedback you might have!

Matt Cauley
February 13, 2010